DJ & Music Producer

I have more than 20 years experience in the DJ and Club management positions. I think that the professionalism is missing in these professions...

The high quality knowledge is more important for the DJs because without it they would cause hearing demages for the audience.

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25/06/2021 - 30/08/2021: IBIZA season.



I am a photographer with a few years of experience. This is my new job and hobby. The food-photography and interior design are my special sections but I do portrait and act pictures as well.

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Website- building



Do you need any website? Do you need a help to set up your website? Do you need online service because you are too far from London? Do not hesitate to contact me! 




My name is Josh Mar. I am a DJ & Music Producer, Photographer and Web Developer. I was born in Budapest (Hungary) but I am living in London (United Kingdom). My DJ career started when I was 14 years old. I studied in two DJ schools (the first was the basic DJ school - OSZK, the second one was the higher education - EFHA Professional DJ Academy)... You can buy online my music tracks and you can follow me on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

I am a Techno - House DJ and Music Producer but I can mix another music styles as well. I have been many night clubs and parties in the last 25 years and many people saw and heared my job (150 - 2000 people/ party). I have got job offer from Ibiza in 2020 but

it has been deleted due to the epidemic. 

My projects are Innocence Party and DJ World.

My professional skills are: DJ, Music Production, Promotion and Club Management.