DJ & Music Producer

High quality knowledge in the DJ job!

Mind the quality!

The knowledge is missing in the DJ profession and I saw the DJs without DJ diploma they would cause hearing demages for the audience. This is a big problem in the world...

I have more than 20 years of experience so I am a professional DJ but I am continuously learning.

My scools:

-   OSZK Basic DJ  diploma in 1997

-   European Light and Voice Academy Professional DJ degree (included the Music Production with Ableton Live) in 2009

My skills:

-   3 decks mixing

-   Underground techno, minimal and tech-house party

-   Chill Out, Psy-Chill garden or room (mix, decor and party services)

-   Club management skills

My services:

-   Disco parties, Birthday Parties, Pub disco, Hen Parties.  I prefer 2 or 3 hours minimal - techno - tech house mix in clubs.

I am the owner of Innocence Electronic Party series since 2007.

My radio experiences:

-   Morning anchorman at Radio100 in 2004

-   Radio anchorman at Euro5Radio in 2014

-   Owner and anchorman at DJ World Online radio since 2016

My tracks for DJs / for clubs / for everyone:

Josh Mar - Trip In The House

Josh Mar - Acid Movie

Josh Mar - Dream Machine

Josh Mar - Shocking